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OptionsFact was created to guide, recommend, and to give educational purpose for any level traders into the Options instruments in order to clarify and provide pieces of information about brokers, trading, and general information that is the most requested by most of the traders.

Brokers Review:

It is our duty to provide the honest and most qualified trading brokers that accept options trading, we evaluated the required pieces of information such as the pros and cons, payout of each trade, funding options, country restrictions, trading platform, and the required information that each trader needs to take the right decision.

Technical Indicators:

Technical indicators are helpful tools for trading and it helps most of the traders to find the perfect entry, so OptionsFact Traders has put the required piece of information about each indicator and how to use it in order to get a perfect entry point and help most of our followers to practice and apply it on his own trading style.


The majority of traders are having lack of knowledge and its risky to enter the market without it, however, OptionsFact made an academy for the traders in order to gain more experience through the options market and can improve the trades results.


It is important to know that some traders are having issues with brokers that applying country restrictions, so we have made a list of countries that can benefit from trading the options and enjoy the profits through this trading instrument. Each country will have a full review about trading the recommended broker to use.

Start Trading:

We have put a direct link for our recommended broker and partner with OptionsFact for our followers and visitors to start trading on their own. Note that 85% of retail investors are losing their money.


Frequently Asked Questions — We will answer the most asked questions about trading the options into a list that will look at it as a helpful way to make some of the traders find their answers already.

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