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Olymp Trade is a broker where you can get profits after investing your money. Binary options are trade agreements with a fixed winning and loss rate. The way it works is that you make a prediction and speculate money on it. You have to predict whether an underlying asset is going up or below a specific price ( strike price ) at a particular time (expiration time). If you manage to predict correctly, you undoubtedly win and get all the money you invested back in addition to a profit according to the payout percentage that varies from 70% up to 95%.

Olymp Trade is the leading trade platform. It is the best platform for people who want to earn online from home by working in financial markets. It is easy to start. 

Here, you can avail of two financial instruments, namely Fixed Time Trades and Forex. They are available to trade simultaneously in addition to tons of different assets from different sectors and categories. This leading trade broker comes with various technical analysis tools and handy features to make the trading process easier for you.


olymptrade trading

Olymp Trade Online Trading App

This trading platform is accessible via computer through Web Trader. To make the user experience smoother, they have also developed a professionally designed mobile app. Not only Apple but also Android users can access this app. The app can make the user experience a bit smoother.

Olymp trading app provides an easy and user-friendly experience. This app can be used by people all around the globe as it comes with 30 different language translations. Additionally, this app also includes an education feature to teach users the basics and advanced techniques of trading. It has over 50 million downloads and excellent positive reviews.

Olymp Trade Online Trading App

Olymp Trade achievments

This online platform, founded in 2014, has bagged several awards for its exceptional platform and excellent service. They have repeatedly achieved Professional Community Trading awards. In addition, they have also won two global awards, namely 2019 Best Mobile Trading Platform and Best Customer Service Broker. This platform has proved themselves and their services again and again.


Olymp Trade Uses multiple funding methods such as Bank Cards / E-Wallets and finally Cryptocurrencies. Deposits are funded instantly after deposit, however, the withdrawal can be completed and fully sent within 3 business days

NOTE: Withdrawals can be sent only with the payment gateway we have used for deposits.

Account Types

More like other brokers Olymp trade offers their individual investors known as traders a possibility to benefit from 2 types of accounts

Demo Account: Every trader can trade with a demo account to practice its own strategy and be more familiar with the platform.

Real Account: Set as default the trader could take advantage of the real account and make real trades with live balance and be able to withdraw the profits, on the part the demo account can not withdraw the balance available.

Is Olymp Trade Legit?

After reading the several exceptional features and achievements of Olymp Trade, you must be wondering how this platform can be real? This Forex and Fixed Time Trade platform is very legit and lawful. Moreover, they have registered with the Financial Market Relations Regulation Center. They provide the investors the maximum security for their assets and protect them from any case of fraud or

injustice. In such a case, if you claim that Olymp Trade has scammed you, you would receive up to 20,000 Euros as compensation. To end any suspicion of scams, they have become a member of the Financial Community to confirm the company’s authenticity. It guarantees exceptional quality services for its users. Admittedly, it is understandable for users to distrust it at first since it is a new platform; thus, Olymp Trade has tried its best to clear away your doubts.

Support Team

The Olymp has a professional team to help you throughout the process.

Frequently Asked Questions

They have quite an extensive FAQ section where they have answered most of your queries. You can visit it if you need your questions answered

Live Chat Support

They also have an Online Chat option to help you contact their support team. The knowledgeable staff can assist you 24 hours a day. They have recruited a team of skilled staff that can help you in 20 different languages.

E-mail Support

You can also email them on their email given on the website. You will surely get a response within a short period. It is your choice whether you want the staff to call you or message you.

Call Support

As well as that, you can also call them directly. Similarly, they have an excellent support system to solve all your puzzles.

Start Trading Now!

Now let me answer your questions about how to play Olymp Trade? You only need to visit their platform, either on windows or on your phone, and register with them. The registration process is as easy as it can get.

As soon as you register, first, they will provide you proper training. They will give you adequate guidelines to teach you how trading works. However, after completing training, you need to confirm your email, and they will open your account. Here you will see two options: Deposit with a 50% discount or Trade on your demo account. If you are new to this, you should choose the latter. Now you have an option of Fixed Time Trade and Forex. Here you will do the demo, and then you can start trading for real.

Fixed Time Trades

In Fixed Time Trade, you need to predict whether the value of an asset will go up or down in a time and place a bet.

For that, you need first to select the trading pair and feel the profit ratio written beside them. It is the ratio of money you will achieve if you win. Now, you need to set the estimated time duration. You can set the time duration to a minimum of 1 minute. After that, you need to determine the percentage of your investment. It is better to put it to a minimum amount if you are a beginner. Last but not the least, you will notice two choices of above and below to choose whether the trend will go up or down. You should choose one based on your preference and analysis. Yes, it is that simple to play Olymp trade.


Olymp Trade is available in 134 countries. They provide their services in several different languages as the following:


Olymp Trade Charity

Olymp Trade also believes in giving back to the less advantaged. That is why they have partnered with organizations and volunteers to help the people in need. It is purely legit to trade through this platform. Give it a try, and you are going to get benefits for sure.  

olymp trade charity
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